Mission Statement

The goal of stixfigures101.com™ (and stickfigures101.com™) is to create a series of Graphic Novels concerning the trials and tribulations of life for a group of "would-be" Spies.

Over time TwinTowns (the twin towns of Smithton and Weston) will be expanded to create a community of characters and locations.

The Mission for this site is to provide information to aid in creating simple animations for YouTube or just for your own enjoyment.

The style of animation will be 2D Pixel Art, presented as 3 dimensional scenes wherever possible. The backgrounds and some objects will be 3D projections but characters will generally be 2 dimensional.

While it will concentrate on stick figures, or StiX figures, it should be helpful for other types of characters.

We will be creating a series of Tutorials and a list of royalty-free Images (currently jpeg's only but this may change if required).

There are more tutorials planned such as:

  • How to create videos from a set of images, add audio and publish to YouTube with free software

  • Setting music to animations

  • Matching audio to specific frames

  • Using a "numbering and indexing" system to improve the animation process and time

  • How to speed up the animation process

Hopefully over time, this site will help to advance the goals and mission of stixfigures101.com while providing tutorials and entertainment for others.