StiX Figures 1.01 weBLOG

2020 OCT 26

Created Downloads sub-domain at and removed all links to Google Drive.

2020 OCT 03

Added the September edition of The PIXL News.

2020 SEP 18

Added new email address:

2020 SEP 18

Added more information to most of the pages and updated the Homepage look.

2020 SEP 14

Added The Pixel Art Animation Automation Project (PALPABLE)

2020 SEP 11

Created the brother Website:

2020 SEP 10

Added a lot more entries to the Glossary page. Our aim is to get the most comprehensive Animation Glossary available 😜

2020 SEP 09

Added basic Glossary page and Blog

2020 SEP 07

Added: Twintowns and Downloads pages

2020 SEP 06

Added a second Web domain:

2020 SEP 05

Launched site with initial Web domain: and five pages: Home, About Us, Mission Statement, Tutorials and PIXL News